Suzanne Needs Your Help!

Please send letters of recommendation to

Let’s encourage other practices in town to take advantage of starting a midwifery program … would you follow Suzanne to a new practice? If so your dollars mean business to these other practices in town.

This is not just a woman’s issue; this is a family issue. Please encourage fathers to write as well!



  1. Antoinette said

    Thank you for this helpful site! I got several clients and members of the community to send letters today by 2pm. More may follow if they are still needed. Please let us know. Thanks again and much love!

  2. Rachel said

    I would/will follow Suzanne and Pamela to ANY other practice. Carolina Ob-Gyn is an inadequate practice without the midwives. I hope they lose tons of patients over this decision. Let’s show them how much the midwives mean to us.

    • Carina Hill said

      I will follow Suzanne and I am sending next week another letter to let Carolina OBGYN know the reason why I am leaving. Where midwifes are not welcome I am not staying there.

  3. Jennifer Griffin said

    Suzanne was my midwife and I continued to see her for everything else. I wouldn’t go see anyone else and was so upset to hear about what has happened. I followed her from the hospital to Carolina OBGYN and will follow her where ever she goes. I have also told my pregnant girl friends to do the same!

  4. Ally said

    I will follow Suzanne to whatever practice is lucky enough to have her on staff. I had an amazing pregnancy & birth, & I switched to Carolina OB/GYN for the midwife program in the middle of my pregnancy. I have continued my well care with Suzanne since the birth of my son in January 2008. I have no other attachment to Carolina OB/GYN, so I will be retrieving my records as soon as Suzanne joins another practice!! Carolina will not be gaining patients from this poor decision, because we don’t want traditional OB/GYN care, we want our midwives!!!!

  5. Brenda said

    I am due within a matter of days, but would definitely follow Suzanne to another practice for my ongoing women’s health needs. I would also refer others to her. She is a competent, concerned and caring professional who has supported me healthwise and emotionally through my pregnancy. Our appointments were like an opportunity to catch up with a missed friend. I never felt rushed or brushed off by her and she was very knowledgeable about my concerns related to each issue.

    I always felt as though she was supportive of my exploring challenges to the status quo to my resolution and satisfaction. She understood my need to make my own fully informed choices and decisions. For once, I didn’t feel marginalized and patronized by a healthcare provider. Carolina OB-GYN’s loss is another practice’s gain. I will be watching which have the wisdom and insight to recognize her value and the potential of providing these needed services and giving them my full support.

  6. Lauran Arledge said

    The midwives were the ONLY reason to put up with all the bad business/care going on at Carolina OBGYN…now there is NO reason to stay. Any practice that is smart enought to take these two women on will be rewarded with several new patients!

    We as the women and families in our community need to make our voices heard. It is OUR responsibility as a community to bring about the change we want to see!

  7. Aileen said

    I would also follow Suzanne wherever she decides to go, wehther it be for furture births or simply gynecological care.

    One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant in mid-2006 was to search out midwifery care here in Wilmington. I had recently moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area in March 2006 with my husband and daughter. I had experienced midwifery care before when my daughter was born in 2003 in Palo Alto, CA, and knew that care through midwives was the best way to experience this beautiful and natural thing called birth. When my son was born in December 2007 at NHRMC, Suzanne and her crew topped even my first birth experience with my daughter. Throughout my pregnancy and the birth of my son, Suzanne provided the best care imaginable. She was well-informed, compassionate, and adept at delivery (even with me standing up). It was incredible. With Suzanne and the other midwives I have always felt more like a person than a patient. For most women, pregnancy, birthing and labor are natural processes that really do not require expensive and overly clinical treatment. With the right type of management and excellent midwives such as Suzanne, any hospital would find that a midwifery program is a win-win for everyone.

  8. Jamie Joyner said

    I am waiting, hoping, and praying for Suzanne to announce that she has gone to another practice. I will follow her anywhere that she decides to go.
    When I found out that I was pregnant in mid 2006, I began going to the OB at the hospital. Suzanne did my history and interview. I instantly fell in love with her. I had had three prior miscarriages and my husband and I were nervous going into the pregnancy. Suzanne was there with that smile of hers, full of hope and encouragement. When she left and went to Carolina, so did I. I didn’t want anyone else delivering my baby! I met Marianne and Laura and they were wonderful but I knew Suzanne, I trusted her, and thankfully when I was induced she was on call. She walked or rather marched 🙂 me through labor. Her encouragement, professionalism, and love for babies were phenomenal!
    I continued to see her for everything after I gave birth. She saw me as a person not as a patient or a medical record. She counseled and guided me through decisions and hardships. There is no way that I could bond that way with a doctor. I want a midwife and when I decide to have another baby I want Suzanne to be that midwife.

  9. Tracy Kellogg-Brodeur said

    I would follow Suzanne wherever she went. She is the best listener, rational suggestion maker, and kind health professional I have ever had the privelege of having. I truly was looking forward to my birthing experience, but now am at a loss…

  10. Amy Feller said

    I will follow Suzanne anywhere. I followed her from the hospital and will follow her now. I have never felt like a health professional cared about me like the midwives I have seen. I hope they are all able to find new homes in the area and I have a feeling any office that agrees to take them on will find themselves flooded with new patients!

  11. Gaby Merediz said

    All of you who said you will follow Suzanne, I am getting signatures on a letter from people who will be willing to follow her to whatever practice in Wilmington hires her. Please call or email me at 718-753-1174 to find a time to sign the letter. Thanks!!

  12. Gaby Merediz said

    My email address is

  13. Stefanie Powell said

    Ever since I received my letter telling me that Carolina OB/GYN will no longer have a midwifery practice, I’ve known it’s time for me to go elsewhere for care. While there are some outstanding physicians in the practice, I have no intention of staying a patient of Carolina OB/GYN if the midwives are gone. Suzanne is phenomenal and I plan to follow her where she goes. She is incredibly supportive and even fought for me to continue with midwifery care when I found out 20 weeks into my pregnancy that I was pregnant with twins. Due to potential preterm labor, I was “transferred” to the physicans in the practice when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Despite me no longer being “her” patient, Suzanne continued to check on me throughout my pregnancy and even called me at home after my babies were born. Since my pregnancy, I’ve continued with the midwives for gynecological care and would definitely want to use their services for any future pregnancies.

  14. Laura said

    I will go with Pamela and Suzanne to ANY practice!!! I am due on Sunday and will be leaving Carolina OB-GYN as soon after as I can. I hope so much that Suzanne and Pamela will find a practice here in Wilmington that realizes how wonderful they are and how important they are to so many families!!!!!

  15. Jessie Perry said

    Tell me where they go and I am there. I feel lost.

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