Speak Out to the Broader Community

Midwifery care is often misunderstood. Culturally we look to obstetrics for a safe birth; although, the countries with the best infant mortality and maternal mortality rates have midwifery care as the basis for low-risk pregnancies. Whether or not you know the statistics, if you have a midwife you understand the benefits of the personalized care they give. This is what those who do not understand need to know. “Where’s My Midwife?” Write it on your car, on your sidewalk, on your pregnant belly. Let’s open up a conversation with our neighbors, friends and family. Let’s change the culture of misunderstanding and introduce to the people we know what a midwife truly is.

Where's My Midwife?Furthermore, write to Glen Meade OB/GYN and Cape Fear OB/GYN encouraging them to adopt a midwifery program.

Ask Wilmington Parent to do an article on Midwives so that the local community understands the Midwifery Model Of Care.

Star News, WWAY and WECT have already given limited coverage to this issue. Let’s not let this disappear in the news. Keep sending your letters and making your calls.

Keep checking our blog for further information. We are preparing to organize a large gathering that will allow our numerous voices to be heard as one. We will need the support of each and every one of you who want to create something positive out of this unfortunate situation.


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