Speak Out To Carolina OB/GYN

So now that we know what has happened to the Midwifery Program at Carolina OB/GYN, the question becomes “What can we do about it?” Our voices need to be heard in large numbers. First we must understand that this cannot become a negative campaign to put down obstetrics. There are good doctors and lifesaving uses of medical technology. This issue is about lack of information and the abrupt, unfair way the Midwifery Program was dismantled. Many of you chose Carolina OB/GYN specifically because they offered midwives. This is also an issue of birth choice, in which Wilmington lacks even more so now.

Carolina OB/GYN has kept me on to teach their natural childbirth class and has told me that they support that style of birth. In my opinion, the way this issue was handled by Carolina OB/GYN says to me they don’t understand the psychological importance of creating a bond with your care provider and its impact on the natural process of childbirth. I don’t need to say this to all of you who have had empowering birth experiences because of midwifery care. Many people who make health care decisions do not understand this and have never experienced the benefits of midwifery care. Let your story be heard, and let every family know that they deserve to have midwifery as a choice. This concern affects families; not just mothers, but also fathers need to contact the following individuals:

Wilmington Health Associates
1202 Medical Center Drive
Wilmington, NC 28401

Jeff James
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jonathan Hines
Board President

Dr. John Pasquariello
Medical Director

Carolina OB/GYN
1802 S. 17th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401 (no need to write to the midwives)

Vikki Brown, MD
Erica Cunill, MD
Sandra Hall, MD, FACOG
Kelly Hill, MD, FACOG
Pamela Irby, MSN, CNM
David Joseph, MD
Barbara Klein, WHNP-BC
Terry Stewart, MD
Joshua Vogel, MD
Suzanne Wertman, MSN, CNM
Gregory Woodfill, DO



  1. Gaby said

    You will be able to get Where’s My Midwife stickers at You Are My Sunshine starting tomorrow. $1 for large stickers and $.50 for each small sticker. Buy them and stick them wherever you can! Proceeds are going towards a fund for a future Wilmington birth center.

    Let’s send back the letters we get from Carolina Ob/Gyn with one of these stickers on it. Let’s demand the answers we deserve. The more people who send back their letters with a sticker on it, the more they will see our cohesiveness and dedication.

    It’s a small act, but it can be significant. Pick up your stickers ASAP!

  2. Marianne said

    I’m way up here in High Point but would love some stickers for my/our cars., How can I get some? Will you take paypal?

    I am so sad for all the women in Wilmington who realize what midwifery care is all about!!!

    • youaremysunshineblog said

      http://www.cafepress.com/wheresmymidwife is offering many products including bumper stickers.. All the proceeds are going to our future birthing center in Wilmington. Maybe you can come back to us then 🙂

  3. Brenda said

    I wrote my letters last weekend and got them out at the beginning of the week. I was contacted and informed that discussions were still underway, but given little hope that there would be a reprieve.

    However, I’d still like to encourage the contacts and for patients that find the alternatives provided unacceptable to seek care elsewhere in the immediate. I think it’s exceptionally important that there be a powerful and tangible response to having the care choice of midwifery removed in this sudden and disruptive way. Sir Issac Newton theorized, “to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Make it so.

    It felt like going to a fancy restaurant, ordering sea bass and being served pork loin because the chef made a decision that it was better for me. HUH???? Even more staggering is the expectation that I eat it without hesitation, thank the chef, pay – and tip.

    I know that analogy oversimplifies the issues and stakes, but I don’t know how to explain the loss of power and sense of violation I feel in a most vulnerable time.

  4. Brenda said

    Do we have any lawyers in the house that can address the question of class action lawsuit?

  5. Jamie Joyner said

    I don’t know where to start. I was a patient of Carolina OBGYN until I was contacted and told that my appointment had been changed to see one of their regular doctors. Now I have nothing against the doctors at the practice, I love the practice. However no one can replace my midwife. She delivered my son, she walked me through one of the most difficult times of my life and welcomed me into motherhood. This woman and the other midwives at Carolina were my lifesavers. I did not have a doctor present during my delivery and I did not need one. Suzanne was right there with me and she was amazing.

    I can not understand NHRMC’s decision to change their policies in regards to midwives. We as women and patients should be the one’s who decide our method of delivery. As a woman, I should have total say so in how I want to experience giving birth.

    I am sad that i missed the protest this morning, however I did not know all of the details. I am writing my letters and I hope that everyone will continue to peacefully protest and get our midwives back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. cubanitadoula said

    The question of legal action is a really good one! A letter writing campaign is also in the works. We’d really like to compile a large stack of supportive letters to show the Dept. of OBGYN how huge the demand is for midwives. Please check in at http://wheresmymidwife.wordpress.com/ for an upcoming post with more details. If you’ve already written a letter, save your copy for us, or get ready to send us a new one!

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